The Yumi was an Ancient Japanese bow. It was the Long-Range weapon of the Samurai.


The Yumi is a tall, asymmetrical bow with the grip about one third the distance from the lower tip with the upper and lower curves differing in shape. The bow is traditionally made from laminated bamboo, wood, and leather. The Yumi is always supposed to be taller than the man who wields it.


  • Long range
  • 7 feet
  • 2 lbs
  • Bamboo, wood & rattan


The Yumi has existed in Japan since pre-history. The length of the bow gives it great firing power, though the position of the grip may have allowed it to be fired from horseback or a kneeling position. This was the original weapon of the Samurai before the katana.

The effective range of a Yumi longbow is about 30 meters against an armored Samurai, and 140 meters against an enemy army. The bow could fire a Ya (arrow) as far as 280 meters; but was unlikely to hit anything at this distance. Smaller bows would be effective at shorter ranges. [1]

In The ShowEdit

In the show the Yumi was shot at two dummies from 45 feet accurately hitting them. The Samurai experts also claimed that the Samurai specialized in accurately shooting out the enemy's eyes in order to kill the targets regardless of their armor. This feat was demonstrated by shooting out dummy eyes at 25 feet. However in the show Tetsuro Shigematsu shot the yumi with the arrow on the left side of the bow when it's always drawn from the side of the thumb and pulled further behind one's ear in a pencil grip. Shigematsu did not pull the string from behind his ear or placed the arrow on the right side. He instead did a 3 finger draw (used in western style archery) drawn from the side of his face and placed the arrow on the left side of the bow.