In the last knockout round of the tourny the arbiter destroyed ratchet (27-7)

Now its the last 16 and this is the first battle

Samus Aran: The female bounty hunter in a power suit


Joseph Capelli: Protagonist of Resistance 3 and the person who killed nathen hale

Who is deadliest


Joseph Capelli

Joseph Capelli
Close range: Sledge hammer
Mid range: HE.44 Magnum
Long range: Marksman
Special weapon: HVAP Wraith


Samus Aran

Samus Aran
Close range: Plasma whip
Mid range: Ice Beam
Long range: Power beam
Special weapon: Missiles

Joseph capelli has won

This round ends at 8:00 on monday the 1st of August and next round is Sub-zero (Mortal combat) vs Monkey D Luffy (One-Piece)

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