Last round jason bourne took out the joker (20-8)

Rebel alliance: The brave warriors who fight against the galactic empire for freedom


The Arbiter: The sanghelli warrior who betrayed the covenent and joined the humans

Who is deadliest

Rebel alliance
Rebel alliance
Close range: Dl-44 Blaster pistol
Mid range: Blaster shotgun
Long range: DH-17 Blaster rifle
Special weapon: Thermal detonator

The arbiter

The arbiter

The Arbiter
Close range: Plasma pistol

Mid range: M90 shotgun

Long range: Covenent carbine
Special weapon: Plasma grenade

The arbiter has won

This round ends on sunday the 21st of august and next round is Arkanos (Age of mythology) vs Vin (Mistborn trilogy)

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