Last round sub-zero made monkey D luffy a fatalitie (30-18)

This round it's

Jason bourne: The former CIA agent who is now on the run from the US goverment


The Joker: The sociopathic clown and arch nemisis of batman

Who is deadliest

Jason bourne
Jason bourne
Close range: Retractable knife
Mid range: SIG pro SP2009
Long range: AR-15
Special weapon: Side-by-Side Hunting Shotgun

The joker

The joker

The Joker
Close range: Combat knife
Mid range: Glock Pistol
Long range: M1 Garand
Special weapon: Sawed-Off Remington 870

Jason bourne has won

This round ends on wednsday the 17th august and next round is Rebel alliance (Star wars) vs the Arbiter (Halo 2)

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