Last round The wookie's abliterated the uruk-hai (18-11)

This round it's Jason bourne(Jason bourne series) vs Agent 47 (Hitman)

Who is deadliest

Jason bourne
Jason bourne
Close range: SIG pro SP2009
Mid range: AR-15
Long range: Keppeler & Fritz KS II Precision
Special weapon: 12 gauge double barrel shotgun
Agent 47
Agent 47
Close range: ATM Hardballer
Mid range: M16A2
Long range: Blaser 93 sniper rifle
Special weapon: Mossberg Persuader


Remember i count both poll and comment votes so get them in.

This round ends at 7:52 on Thursday the 7th of july and next round is Domovoi butler (Artimus fowl) vs Mr wink (Hellboy) See you all then.

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