Last round the arbiter kicked the rebel alliance's a$$ (14-4)

This round it's

Arkanos: The lead admiral of atlantis who is trying to regain the favour of posidien


Vin: The main character of the Mistborn Trilogy and the child of the head obligator

Who is deadliest



Close range: Atlantean Dagger
Mid range: Atlantean Spear
Long range: Atlantean Composite Bow
Special weapon: Trident of Poseidon

Close range: Allomantic Daggers
Mid range: Koloss Sword
Long range: Pushed Coins
Special weapon: Allomancy

Arkanos has won

This rounds ends on tuesday the 23rd of august and next round is Hellboy (Hellboy) vs Starkiller (Star wars: The force unleashed)

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