1. 1: Jesse James Vs Al Capone. Why? Well first off the fight was run 1000 times in a ,museum, now they say that James won because of his ability to shoot accurately but still quickly. I call BULL-$H!T, in museum the ability to draw accurately and quickly doesn't matter with a Tommy. You just need to duck behind cover and blind fire and it'll blow right through cover. You don't even need to aim just spray and prey in a museum with a Tommy and you'll hit EVERYTHING. Plus he could have just thrown his grenade and gotten like three kills. Now if this was in the West, then James would have pwned Capone. But the Capone gang alos used WW1 rifles (which weren't used in the show) WW1 rifles were Semi Auto and much more accurate then Repeaters and had much more range. Jesse may have been the better Marksman, but Al and his gang weren't just thugs they were good shooters. They'd still be able to kill James in the West with WW1 rifles and pistols. James may have been the better warrior, but there wasn't any specific training really, he was part of a guerilla force, not the Condeferate army.
  1. 2: Teddy Roosevelt Vs Lawrence of Arabia. Because it was clearly bias, I'm not going into detail but I could just smell bias all over it.
  1. 3: SWAT Vs GSG-9. This fight was also totally bias, SWAT may-be a very well trained unit, but they're a local police unit, GSG-9 are federal. SWAT arrestes more people then they shoot, GSG-9 kills TEN times has more people then they arrest. GSG-9 is used for major hostage rescue, and counter terrorism. SWAT is used for battling gangs, and making big time arrests. GSG-9 was the far better trained force, they may have not had as good weapons but they had the shit to match.

If you think any other DW battles need to be re-matched tell me in the comments.

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