• Tomahawk23
    1. 1: Jesse James Vs Al Capone. Why? Well first off the fight was run 1000 times in a ,museum, now they say that James won because of his ability to shoot accurately but still quickly. I call BULL-$H!T, in museum the ability to draw accurately and quickly doesn't matter with a Tommy. You just need to duck behind cover and blind fire and it'll blow right through cover. You don't even need to aim just spray and prey in a museum with a Tommy and you'll hit EVERYTHING. Plus he could have just thrown his grenade and gotten like three kills. Now if this was in the West, then James would have pwned Capone. But the Capone gang alos used WW1 rifles (which weren't used in the show) WW1 rifles were Semi Auto and much more accurate then Repeate…
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  • Tomahawk23

    Some Season 4 ideas

    September 24, 2011 by Tomahawk23

    1 Spartan Vs Knight

    2 Shayetet 13 vs SBS

    3 Navy Seals vs SAS

    4 US Army Rangers Vs Royal Marine Commandos

    5 Rajput vs Samurai

    6 Spetsnaz Alpha group Vs GSG-9

    8 Apache Vs NInja

    9 Vampire Vs Werewolf

    Shayetet Matkal Vs Delta Force

    Geronimo Vs Porfirio Diaz

    More Two Come

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