In this Aftermath I address what I think was done well and what wasn't in the episode Pancho Villa vs Crazy Horse.

The Good

Frankly I really can't find much that was really good in this episode, I felt this wasn't really a great episode, but there were parts I liked. My favorite tests were the close range weapons, the Inyankapemni results of the head shot was really cool to watch in slow-motion, and the the bolo knife was pretty cool to watch. But the best part of the test in my opinion was they let these guys go all out on the dummy, something they didn't let other experts do in past episodes. This in my opinion was a better way to test the weapons, where as in other episodes they let the experts hit the target once, where in real life a warrior wouldn't just strike once, but keep at it.

The final fight had some cool parts as well and some of the most interesting kills I've seen for a modern match.

The Bad

This episode was, in my opinion the weakest of the modern matches. For one on the rifle test both experts really didn't do that well, both with a 40% hit rate with modern weapons isn't really that impressive, especially if there both supposed to be experts with these rifles and the targets are stationary. These situation are time when I wish they'd put a wall or something behind the target to tell use when it was a near miss, at least then we'd get a better idea of accuracy.

The revolver test was a little better but felt lack luster, but watch the test on the gel in slow motion was pretty cool to see. But I also have some issue with how the final fight ended, it just felt like a rush job near the end and felt lack luster.


I don't have much to say about this episode, it wasn't that great in my opinion but it wasn't bad. I just felt it was rushed and they really didn't polish it, I agree with the final results but the final fight seemed to putter out in the end. I wasn't really that big a fan of this episode, I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5.

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