• ShodaiGoro

    I have seen weapons that have just been given too much praise, so I decided to share some weapons I think are greatly overrated and ask you what you think is overrated. Don't forget to add reasons why. Please note, this is just for fun and not to be taken seriously, so do not rage over someone's choice. Also, weapons go outside of the DW universe. Here's my choices:

    • The Katana, because it is a common anime sword (seriously, they only picked the katana because it's Japanese, and so is anime).
    • The JRPG Sword (AKA: The Incredibly Over-Sized Sword), because it is heavy and just pointlessly too big.
    • The AK-47, because it has a slower rate of fire and 5 rounds less than modern assault rifles (please note the 5 rounds don't really matter and the AK-…

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