In some of the opening credits for Season One, there's one (well, I guess two) warrior I can't identify. Specifically, if you watch the opening credits of the Back for Blood Special, right after the African warrior expert decaptiates a dummy (I though it was the Zande Warrior, but could have been Shaka Zulu, it goes by so fast) and right before what is clearly a modern American(?) warrior (Green Beret ? or SWAT?), there is mainly black clad, masked dude with an axe leaping from left to right to attack someone with blue tattoos in a horned helmet. Who is that? I assume that, in order to produce opening credits for, say, Episode 1, that they mashed up a bunch of warriors in short segments that may not have featured on the show.

Any ideas?

Roygbiv666 (talk) 01:46, May 9, 2013 (UTC)

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