Anyone think they should add more characters for the next DW game? Here's my Idea....


Persian Immortal:

Close: Sagaris, Akinakes

mid: Short Persian spear, Long Persian spear

Long: Composite longbow, composite shortbow

Fatality: The Immortal draws his guard's dagger and slits the throat of the enemy, he stabbs the opponent two more times then does his victory cry.

armor: Scale armor, Court robes

Class: Champion


close: Longsword, Burda

mid: lancea, Hunting spear

long: sling, javelin

fatality: The celt pulls out a brone dagger and kicks the opponent. The opponent doubles back in pain as the celt delivers 2 slashes to the chest, one punch, then a final stab. The celt then roars in victory

Armor: Woad, chainmail

Class: Berserker [[ ]]Gladiator

Close Range: Sica, Scissor

Mid Range: Trident, Trident and Net.

Long Range: Sling, Crossbow

Armor: Bronze Helmet, Bronze shoulder pads

Finisher: The Gladiator puts on a Cestus, and punches the opponent in the stomach. After the opponent falls down, he puts one foot on the downed opponent. He pulls out his Mid-Range weapon, makes a cutting motion across his throat, and drops the weapon into the opponent's chest.

Class: Beserker

(courtesy of Jar Teh Marksman)

In case of Gunpowder warriors:

Ming Warrior:

close: Dao, Pudao

mid: Quiang, Ji

Long: Matchlock musket, 3-barell pole cannon

fatality: The Ming warrior pulls out a poison grenade. He slices the opponents in the chest with his close range weapon, hits him twice in the face then roundhouse kicks him. He primes and throws the grenade, leaving the opponent to die a slow, painful death.

armor: Steel Lamellar, Lamellar cuirass

Joke weapon: chopsticks

class: Guerilla

French Musketeer

close: rapier, Rapier w/ Main Gauche

mid: Musket w/bayonet, Bill.

long: Wheellock pistol, Flintlock Musket

Finisher: The musketeer lifts the arm of his opponent then stabs him in the chest with the main gauche. He kicks then, sending them back and throws a grenade. Killing them when it explodes.

class: Champion

Armor: Steel Cuirass, court regalia.

Joke weapon: Baguette


Ivan the terrible

Close: Sablia, sashka, Ivan's Cane (the one he killed his son with)

mid: Bardiche, Atiger

long: Pischal, Crossbow

Armor: Chainmail plate, Plate

Joke weapon: Vodka Bottle

Finisher: After breaking the grabble, he double punches you in the chest,, knocking you back. He then takes his mid range weapon, spins around and takes your head off

Class: Champion

William the Conqueror:

Close: Norman Longsword, Langseax, Sword of mercy

Mid: Lance, Great axe

Long: Norman Longbow, Composite crossbow

armor: Haubrek, Court robes

Joke weapon: Beer mug

Finisher: William Breaks the grabble and headbutts his opponent, He draws his sword and laughs at his opponent. He then stabs them in the intestinal area, twists the sword, pulls it out and then kicks the body to the ground.

Class: Berserker

Extra arena:

ivan's arena: A snowy, russian village called: Caucasus

William's arena: A small clearing near a hill called: Hastings. Gladiator arena: Amphitheatrum Flavium (collosieum)

Immortal Arena: A small, grassy mountain arena: Gates of fire (I know it's called the Hot gates [Thermopaylae] gates of fire sounds better)

Celt arena: A forested, grassy village: Woodland

Ming arena: Mountain grassland.

Musketeer arena: Chateau

Is this good? Show some feedback!

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