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    My asenal

    June 9, 2012 by RSV 123

    Note- All the weapon 'My arsenal' contain weapons that this site have not. I just want the people to know about these kind of weapons.I will keep adding weapons to these list so keep visiting this page!!! I will try add weapons every day ,please help me by sending some names of ancient weapons in the comments I promise that they WILL be in this list.

    Talwar is a Indian sword used by many Indian warriors .It is a very common sword of Indian warriors.

    The talwar originated alongside other curved swords such as the Arab saif, the Persian shamshir, the Turkish Kilij and the Afghan pulwar,all such swords being originally derived from earlier curved swords developed in Turkic Central Asia. The use of talwar became more widespread under the Mughal D…

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  • RSV 123


    June 7, 2012 by RSV 123

    Many fans of centurion believe that centurion must have won if it was team vs team match but, I would like to tell those fans that, the Mongol which were also famous for their armies ( like Romans ) and have conquered land 4 times larger than the land conquered by Romans, were defeated by Rajputs in a battle between 8,000 Rajputs vs 60,000 Mongols! that means every Rajput must have defeated at least 5 - 6 Mongols! isn't that cool.And BOTH Mongols or Romans have not been able to conquer India nor did Alexandre. I'm curious to know if any one thinks that there are more misconcencpts so please post comments about that and also write the reason behind it (If possible).

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