Jason Bourne, the CIA agent who is constantly on the run and tries to piece together his life's puzzle (Bourne movie series), vs., Frank Martin, the black market transporter and wheelman who goes beyond the call of duty (Transporter movie series). Who is deadliest?


Jason Bourne Weapon
Close Range: Walther P99
Mid Range: HK MP5A3
Long Range: Bushmaster Dissipator AR-15 and Keppeler & Fritz KS II Precision (WA2000 custom variant)
Melee Weapons: CIA special training
Frank Martin Weapon
Close Range: Jericho 941
Mid Range: Dual automatic Glock 18s
Long Range: G36K and SIG SG 550 with Rifle Scope
Melee Weapons: SAS special close range training

Bourne's weapons:

Frank Martin's weapons:


Frank Martin is sitting on a bench in a Russian city. He just received a text from his employer; Martin's job is to find and neutralize Jason Bourne. Martin takes out his SIG SG 550 Sniper and looks through the crowds. He immediately sees Bourne and fires his rifle at him. The bullet misses Bourne. People heard the gunshot and are now running around in terror. Bourne runs with the crowd but later takes cover behind a car. Martin loses track of Bourne and takes out his G36K and proceeds to investigate. Jason takes out a large suitcase and hastily pieces together his Keppeler & Fritz KS II Precision rifle and pops up to find his enemy. He immediately notices Martin carrying the G36 and fires his sniper rifle. Frank dodges the bullet by jumping behind a concrete street barrier. He raises his assault rifle and fires at his enemy. Bourne craftily dodges the bullets and finds cover behind another car and continues to fire his sniper rifle. One bullet grazes Martin's arm who pulls back in pain. He draws out two Glock 18s and waits for his nemesis to move in. Bourne swaps his rifle for his AR-15 Dissipator and charges in for the kill. Martin pops up and fires his dual Glock 18s and Bourne ducks for cover. However, two rounds have hit Bourne who fires his AR-15 back at Martin. One of the rounds hit Martin's Glock which damages hit. He drops his Glocks and pulls out his last gun the Jericho 941 and runs into a nearby public park. Bourne chases after him carrying an MP5A3. He targets Martin and shoots at him. One round hits Martin right in the leg. While on the ground, Martin fires his Jericho pistol at the ex-agent. One round hits Bourne in the chest. Both men are now dying. Bourne drops his submachinegun and charges up to Martin and kicks him right in the stomach. Martin cringes in pain but sweeps Bourne's leg causing him to tumble to the ground. Martin moves on top of his wounded prey and proceeds to strangle him. Bourne knees Martin in the groin who rolls over in severe pain. The ex-CIA agent moves on top of his enemy and pulls out his Walther P99. He puts the gun to the transporter's chest and fires. Martin lets out one last gasp and dies. Bourne wipes his face of the mixed blood and sweat and hears sirens in the distance. He gathers up all of his weapons and flees the scene.

In the last match, Preston Marlowe vs. Dunn, Marlowe dominated Dunn.

Next matches will be:General Shepherd, the traitorous US Army leader who betrayed his own troops (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) vs. Big Boss, the famous soldier who created a notorious US Army Special Forces group called FOXHOUND and was father to the main character Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid game series) Check it out here:

AND:US Secret Service, the President's guards who risk their lives to protect the leader of America, vs., Russian MVD, Moscow's specialized police force who defend civilian Russians from terrorism. Check it out here:


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