Season 1

Episode 1: Apache Vs Gladiator

The apache has knocked the gladiator's helmet off with his war club as the gladiator stumbles back. The apache leaps, only for the gladiator to knock him down with his shield. The gladiator actually seems to walk away from the apache afterward, turning his back to him. The apache, not willing to allow the gladiator to escape, runs towards him, armed with his war club and his knifes. He throws one knife, which the gladiator's shield stops, and then swings at the gladiator, who continues to block his blows. The gladiator slams his shield at the apache, breaking his war club, leaving him with his knifes. The gladiator still appears confident as the apache tries to slash his legs. When the apache goes for a strike with both of his knifes, the gladiator stops them with his shield and reveals his scissor, which he uses to stab the apache in the chest. The Roman entertainer kicks the Native-American guerilla fighter off of his weapon and then roars.

Episode 2: Viking Vs Samurai

The viking, rather than discarding his shield, instead keeps it around his arm as he charges at the samurai. The samurai cannot seem to get around the shield and the viking keeps pushing him back. The samurai then goes in for a stab with his katana, which ends up going through the viking's shield. The samurai cannot seem to free his weapon from it and the viking then slashes at the samurai's arm with his long sword, wounding him. Afterwards, the viking stabs him in the stomach and charges, pushing him into the tree. After pulling the long sword out, the samurai falls to his knees, fatally wounded and unable to fight any further. The viking then swings his long sword and decapitates the samurai. The raging European berserker roars as the beheaded Japanese warrior lies on the ground.

Episode 3: Spartan Vs Ninja

After unleashing the black egg upon the spartan's eyes, blinding him, the ninja moves around the spartan so that he is out of his sight. The spartan, starting to recover from his condition, turns, trying to find his attacker. The ninja then slashes at the spartan's left arm with his ninjato, causing him to drop his shield. The spartan slashes at the ninja in retaliation, who barely misses it and then seemingly flees. The angered spartan comes running in the ninja's direction, once again not knowing where he has gone. The ninja then uses his blowgun and fires a dart, which hits the spartan's leg. This enrages the spartan further, who takes the dart from his leg and tosses it to the side and once again charges at the ninja. Before the spartan can reach him, the ninja prepares his shuriekens and rolls out of the way. Afterwards, he quickly aims and throws two of them at the spartan's legs, causing painful wounds, but not immobilizing him. The ninja then sees that he is cornered and cannot run to cover, so he allows the spartan to come at him, dodging and blocking his many swings. As the ninja reaches a wall and the spartan goes in for the kill, the ninja stops the blade with his ninjato. The spartan pushes, but then begins to succumb to the poison in the dart and weakens, to which the ninja then uses to his advantage by kicking the spartan back. The spartans slashes, but the ninja blocks with his ninjato and swings it, knocking the short sword out of the spartan's hand. Before the spartan can retaliate, the ninja slashes at the spartan's leg, causing him to fall to the ground. As the spartan attempts to get back up, the ninja slashes his neck. After the legendary Greek warrior falls, the warrior of stealth runs and seemingly disappears into the dark of the night.

Episode 4: Pirate Vs Knight

After recovering from the blast of the blunderbuss, the knight prepares to go after the pirate, but first grabs his shield. As the pirate flees and then turns to see the knight in hot pursuit, he fires his flintlock pistols, none of which seem to do any damage or even phase the knight, due to his shield. As the knight charges at the pirate, he takes out his boarding axe and swings it at the knight's left shoulder, causing him to drop the shield. After knocking the pirate away and taking the axe out of his shoulder, he charges at him with his broadsword. The pirate, however, has an advantage in speed and easily outmanuevers the knight. He then kicks the knight, who then sees a halberd nearby. Before the knight can pick up the halberd, the pirate takes out another blunderbuss. He fires it, but it misfired, allowing the knight to pick up the halberd, swing it, knocking the blunderbuss away, and then stab it into the pirate's leg, causing him considerable pain. The pirate then pulls out his last flintlock and fires it at the knight's head, knocking him back. The pirate then grabs his cutlass and goes in for the kill, only to see the knight with broadsword and shield in hand. The pirate now cannot seem to make any offensive, with the shield getting in the way of his assault. After having the cutlass knocked out of his hand and being knocked to the ground by a bash of the shield, the pirate desperately grabs his blunderbuss and fires. The knight blocks it with his shield, preventing any serious damage to him. He then places his foot on the pirate's chest, whom struggles to get himself free. The knight then stabs the broadsword into the pirate's neck. Afterwards, the honorable crusader takes his sword from the thief of the seas, stabs it into the ground, and then kneels in prayer to God.

Episode 5: Yakuza Vs Mafia

With all of their henchmen dead, the leader of both gangs approach each other in a small bar. The Yakuza leader takes out his sais and the Mafia leader takes out his stiletto and ice pick. The two attempt a knife fight, with the Yakuza disarming the Mafiaman quickly and then slashing his face. Afterwards, the Mafia leader retrieves his baseball bat and swings it, knocking the sais away. He swings it again, hitting the Yakuza leader in the side, knocking him to the ground. The Yakuza leader then quickly gets up, avoiding a swing, and then reaches behind a prohibition barrel. The Mafia leader swings once again, striking the barrel, as the Yakuza leader dodges and then retrieves his katana, still within its sheathe. The Mafia leader swings one final time, hitting the counter, and the Yakuza leader swings his katana, slashing the Mafia leader's side and causing him to let go of his bat. The Mafia leader then charges into him with his shoulder, causing him to drop the katana. The Mafia leader then begins punching at the Yakuza leader, with a few hits landing, but most of them blocked. Finally, the Yakuza leader stops one of the punches by grabbing onto the Mafia leader's arm, strikes him in the chest, the side, and the head, knocking him into a stool table. As the Mafia leader tries to get up, the Yakuza leader grabs onto his katana, charges quickly at the Mafia leader, and before he can evade, stabs him in the chest. After pulling the katana from his enemy, the Yakuza watches him fall onto his chair, his face on the table. The Japanese outlaw then sheathes his sword and leaves the dead Prohibition thug in his place.

Episode 6: Green Berets Vs Spetznas

As the last Spetznas waits for the last Green Beret, he takes out his makarov pistol. The last Green Beret approaches the Spetznas with his berreta pistol pointed at him and pulls the trigger, but then sees that he is out of ammo. The Spetznas fires his makarov at the Green Beret, who barely manages to get out of the way in time. Before the Spetznas can get another shot off, the Green Beret knocks the makarov away and wrestles the Spetznas to the ground. Despite this, the Spetznas forces the Green Beret off of him with ease and then reaches for his ballistic knife. The Green Beret then runs towards the door and picks up his e-tool. The Green Beret then notices the Spetznas is holding his knife in an odd fashion, indicating that this is no ordinary knife. He sprints towards the Spetznas, who then fires the ballistic knife. The Green Beret ducks last second, ensuring that the ballistic knife would miss him. Without the knife, the Spetznas has little more than the handle left. Before the Spetznas can react, the Green Beret swings the e-tool across the Spetznas' stomach, forcing him against the wall, and then finally swings it towards the Spetznas' head, knocking him to the ground. With his Cold War enemy dead, the US special operations operative pulls the e-tool out of the Spetznas' head and leaves the room.

Episode 7: Shaolin Monk Vs Maori Warrior

The Shaolin monk and the Maori warrior battle with their short-range weapons. The Maori, though strong, is disarmed of both of his weapons quickly. Before the Shaolin monk can go in for a kill, the Maori bites him in the neck, causing the Shaolin to push him back and flee. The Maori pursues the monk runs and eventually, the monk reaches a cliffside wall and has nowhere to run. The Shaolin Monk takes out his piercers again and tries to go for the kill once again, but the Maori is relentless, preventing the Monk from getting accurate and precise hits. He tries to remain mobile and continues swiftly dodging the Maori's attacks while going for stabs, but the Maori seems to get more enraged with each stab. In his fury, he grabs the Monk's arms, headbutts him, and charges at and knocks the Monk into the wall. With that opportunity, the Maori stabs the monk in the chest with his stingray spear. The Chinese passifist eventually falls to the ground as the cannibalistic New Zealander shouts in victory.

Episode 8: William Wallace Vs Shaka Zulu

William Wallace and Shaka Zulu duel with the claymore and iklwa respectively. Despite his strength, Wallace begins to show some exhaustion. Shaka uses this to his advantage and has Wallace right where he wants him. He then appears to lunge at Wallace, to which Wallace goes in for a stab. Shaka quickly backs out and then spits poison into Wallace's eyes, causing him to nearly go blind. Wallace swings his claymore blindly, struggling to survive, which gives Shaka the perfect opportunity to end the battle. Shaka stabs Wallace in the back with the iklwa, then after Wallace falls to his knees and drops his claymore, stabs him in the ribs. Once the Scottish outlaw and hero falls, the king of the Zulu tribe shouts in victory.

Episode 9: IRA Vs Taliban

The last IRA member runs into the bus, with the last Taliban member in hot pursuit. The IRA member sets up the nail bomb and taunts the Taliban member to come in. The Taliban member then sees an RPG lying nearby and picks it up for himself. He then fires it at the bus, which the IRA member did not anticipate, nearly destroying the bus in the process. The Taliban member walks inside and then notices that the nail bomb actually went off inside. The IRA member lies on the ground, with nails from his bomb, and pieces of the bus all around him and in his legs. The Taliban member, believing him to be dead, prepares to head off. The IRA member attempts to move his legs, but shouts in pain uncontrollably. The Taliban member realizes that he is still alive and approaches him. The IRA member then takes a sharp piece of metal and places it into a slingshot that he had on hand and fires it, but to no avail, since the Taliban member moves to the side. The Taliban member then points his AK-47 at the IRA member's head and then drives the bayonet in between the IRA member's eyes. With the freedom fighter fallen, the religious extremist shouts "Allahu Akbar!" (God is great) in victory..

Back For Blood Ancient: Spartan Vs Samurai

The samurai and the Spartan duel with their mid-range weapons. The spartan goes for a stab, which hardly dents the samurai's armor. He responds by slamming his naginata down on the spear, slicing through the wooden handle, giving the Spartan no other choice than to discard it. The samurai has the advantage from afar thanks to his naginata, preventing the spartan from making an advance. The spartan blocks the naginata with his shield and then grabs it with his other hand. Before the samurai can pull it back, the spartan breaks the handle with his shield. The samurai then charges at the spartan with his kanabo. Instead of just aiming for the shield, the samurai actually swings it towards the spartan's armor. The spartan blocks just in time, but not before the samurai swings it down upon the spartan's shoulder, forcing him to drop his shield. The samurai then goes for another swing, but the spartan gets out of the way and then slashes with his short sword. The slash has no effect, thanks to the samurai's armor, but he does decide to drop the kanabo and then draw his katana. The spartan tries to parry the katana and advance, but eventually it is to no avail, for the samurai slashes at the spartan's knee, forcing him to the ground. The spartan then tries again to stop the katana, but the samurai pushes through and stabs the spartan through the arm's opening in his armor. The legendary Greek warrior falls and the Japanese warrior of honor sheathes his sword and leaves.

Back For Blood Modern: IRA Vs Spetznas

The last IRA member flees from the Spetznas, knowing that he will not last in a gunfight without ammo. He goes and places two rounds into his webley revolver before seeing the last Spetznas member approaching with his makarov pistol. The Spetznas fires it as the IRA member takes cover. The Spetznas then approaches the IRA member's cover, intending to dispatch him up close if he can't from afar. Before he can reach him, the IRA member quickly rolls out of the way and fires his revolver, hitting the Spetznas on the side, causing him some pain, but not enough to stop him in his tracks. The Spetznas quickly turns and fires his makarov at the IRA member, hitting his shoulder, causing him to drop his revolver. The Spetznas fires again, only to find that he is out of rounds. He then charges at the IRA member before he can pick up his revolver, forcing him to once again evade. The IRA member then reaches for his slingshot and aims it at the Spetznas. The Spetznas brings out his ballistic knife and aims it toward the IRA member. Both wait to see which one of them would fire first, their fingers ready to launch their weapons. The IRA member fires first, barely missing the Spetznas, followed by the Spetznas, who also misses. Already having another ball to launch in hand, the IRA member quickly reloads and fires his slingshot, this time hitting the Spetznas in the eye, causing even the pain-tolerant soldier to cry out. The IRA member then takes this to his advantage and runs for his revolver. The Spetznas then recovers and charges for the IRA member, filled with a near-berserk rage. They both reach the corner at about the same time, with the Spetznas having his hands around the IRA member's neck in an attempt to crush the IRA member's throat. Before he can, however, the IRA member grins as he points the revolver at the side of the Spetznas' head and fires, killing the Spetznas instantly. After kicking the fallen Cold War soldier off of him, the freedom fighter shouts "Eire!" (Ireland) in victory.

Season 2

Episode 10: SWAT Vs GSG9

The last GSG9 member looks into the SWAT vehicle in search for his enemy. The SWAT team member emerges from a truck, which the GSG9 member quickly realizes and turns around. The SWAT team member, being a far distance from the GSG9 member, fires his Benelli M4 at the GSG9 member's chest, who then falls. Since the GSG9 member is at a distance and in part thanks to his kevlar, he is not fatally harmed by the shots. As the SWAT member gets behind cover to reload, the GSG9 member grabs his Remington 870 and takes aim. When the SWAT member emerges and fires a shot from his Benelli, which misses, the GSG9 member fires his Remington, which blasts the SWAT member in the head, killing him instantly. The elite counter-terrorist then looks over at the fallen elite crime fighter.

Episode 11: Alexander the Great Vs Attila the Hun

Alexander and Attila battle unarmed until Alexander throws Attila to the ground. Seeing that Attila is going for his sword, Alexander decides to grab his as well. Alexander grabs his kopis, but seems to have lost sight of Attila. The lasso goes around Alexander, who turns and sees Attila with the Sword of Mars in one hand and the lasso in another. He grips the lasso with both hands while still holding the sword, attempting to choke the life out of Alexander. Alexander falls to his knees, seemingly helpless before Attila. He then cuts the lasso with the kopis as Attila picks up his scythian axe to duel wield with the Sword of Mars. Alexander holds his own and knocks the Sword of Mars away. Attila knocks Alexander down and then swings his axe down upon Alexander. To his dismay, the helmet absorbs all of the damage, enabling Alexander to swing through the axe's wooden handle and then stabs through Attila's armor. As the ruler of the Huns falls, the Macedonian conqueror shouts in victory.

Episode 12: Jesse James Vs Al Capone

Al Capone and one of his men move towards the room where Jesse James is located. His lieutenant tries to charge, but Al stops him, pointing out that one of Jesse's men is hiding behind a desk. With that in mind, Al's lieutenant runs in and quickly ducks as the Jesse James Member fires with his winchester rifle. When this fails to hit him, Al throws his pineapple grenade, killing the Jesse James member instantly. The two then proceed into the room and find Jesse James, who has been waiting for them. Al Capone takes a revolver from the fallen Jesse James member and points it toward him. Jesse James pulls the triggers on both of his revolvers, only to see that he was out of ammo. As Al prepares to pull the trigger, Frank James takes the revolver from Al and swings it down on him, knocking him straight to the ground. Al's lieutenant quickly turns around and knocks the revolver away. Frank swings with his bowie knife, which Al's lieutenant barely avoids, but is then quickly stabbed by the stilleto. Frank kicks him away and Jesse James quickly runs over to him. Frank holds onto his wound as he and Jesse James run out of the room. Al Capone gets up and then gets his lieutenant to do the same. Jesse James and Frank near the exit, only to find that Frank's wound is grave. Frank tries to hold on, but he eventually gives in and dies. Jesse James then sees Al Capone and his lieutenant and in anger draws a revolver and fires at them. Al's lieutenant knocks Al Capone out of the way and is hit in the shoulder, wounding him. Jesse James then turns to Al Capone, who hides behind cover. He fires his revolvers at the cover and when his last bullet is fired, he draws his winchester rifle and fires it as well. He continues firing and moves closer to the cover with each shot. When he finally reaches the cover and aims his rifle at Al Capone, a shot is fired and Jesse James falls. Al Capone holds a sawed-off shotgun in his hands and then looks over at Jesse James. After being assured that the western bank robber is dead, the Prohibition mastermind helps up his lieutenant and the two leave the museum.

Episode 13: Aztec Jaguar Vs Zande Warrior

The Zande flees from the Aztec Jaguar, who pursues him. As they near the boulder from which the makrigga is hidden behind, the Aztec Jaguar suspects this and stops. The Zande grabs his spear and charges toward the Aztec, who then readies his sling. Though under pressure, he does manage to hit the Zande in the leg, causing him to fall over. The Jaguar then quickly grabs his maquahuitl and swings down, but the Zande rolls out of the way and then goes for a stab. The stab barely misses, causing only a small cut to the Jaguar's side. He swings the maquahuitl down towards the Zande, who blocks it with his makrigga. The Jaguar then pushes the Zande back until he falls off the cliff. As the Jaguar jumps down after him and lands, the Zande gets in another stab with the makrigga, cutting the Jaguar's shoulder. The Jaguar, now even more enraged, swings his maquahuitl towards the makrigga, knocking it out of the Zande's hands. A second swing strikes the Zande's legs, knocking him to the ground and a final swing downward strikes his chest. The Jaguar then puts down his maquahuitl and looks over at the fallen Central African native. The elite warrior of Central America shouts in victory.

Episode 14: Nazi Waffen-SS Vs Viet Cong

Only one of each remains as the last Viet Cong loads his tokarev TT-33 and the last SS member hides behind his truck. The Viet Cong fires approaches and fires a single bullet, but then stops and realizes that the SS member may have a weapon. Indeed he does, for the SS member reveals himself with his flammenwerfer 41 and fires it. The VC ducks and barely misses the flame and then quickly runs for cover. The SS member walks away from the truck and follows him, walking calmly while firing small spurts of fire. The VC member then runs towards a small hut, but then turns and sees the SS member moving closer towards him. He then drops his tokarev and appears to surrender, pleaing for his life. The SS member simply smiles and unleashes flames that near the hut. As he approaches, his foot trips a wire, which then activates a punji stake ball that launches from behind the SS member. He is caught up in the moment of the kill and does not realize this until the punji stake ball hits him in the back, pokes through his flammenwerfer, and stabs through his stomach. He lets out a scream of agony before the flammenwerfer explodes. The VC member steps out of the hut, tokarev in hand, to see if his enemy still remains. After seeing the flaming wreckage of the Nazi spearhead's fiery demise, the communist guerilla shouts in victory.

Episode 15: Roman Centurion Vs Rajput Warrior

After having his dolabra broken and knocking the Rajput away with the handle, the Roman Centurion goes to retrieve his shield and then takes out his gladius. He then sees the Rajput, who then charges at the Centurion, slashing away as the Roman stays on the defensive. Eventually, the Rajput slashes through the shield, causing considerable damage to it, but getting the khanda stuck in the process. The Centurion uses this to his advantage and slashes at the Rajput's right arm, nearly cutting it off and causing him to drop the khanda. As the Centurion prepares his blade once again, the Rajput uses his katar and stabs it into the shield and then kicks the Centurion, causing him to lose his only defense in the process. As the Rajput kicks the shield off of his katar, the Centurion attacks with the gladius. The Rajput blocks it with the katar, disarms him of his weapon and then slashes the Centurion's shoulder, causing considerable pain, but not putting his arm out of commision. The Centurion realizes that he has no means to battle his opponent and flees from the Rajput, who pursues him. Behind one of the trees, the Centurion has another pilum, which he retrieves quickly. When the Rajput catches up, the two battle with their last weapons. The Centurion tries to slash with the pilum, but the Rajput catches it with his katar, knocks the Centurion back and goes for a stab, which the Centurion quickly evades. Then the Rajput goes on the offensive, slashing with his katar. Eventually, the Centurion dodges a stab, then swings his pilum down unto the Rajput's left shoulder, causing the Rajput to reel in pain. The Centurion then swings once again towards the chest, knocking the Rajput onto his back to the ground. As the Rajput tries to get himself up, the Centurion then stabs the Rajput in the chest with the pilum, going straight through his opponent. As the Indian defender slowly dies afterward, the Roman officer shouts in victory.

Episode 16: Somali Pirates Vs Medellin Cartel

The car bomb detonates, killing both the Somali Pirate and Medellin Cartel leaders. The last Medellin Cartel member has a feeling that the exit may not be his best path and instead runs back further into the warehouse. The last Somali Pirate gets himself up after shaking off the debris and picks up his RPG-7. The Medellin Cartel member sees the M60 machine gun, which he had previously left behind because it had jammed. He removes the jammed bullet and then moves outside. The Somali Pirate turns, only to see that the Medellin Cartel member is pointing his M60 machine gun straight at him. The M60 fires, filling bullet after bullet into the Somali pirate. As he falls to the ground and his death, his fingers tighten, causing him to unintentionally fire the RPG-7. The Cartel member gets back, but in the aftermath, looks over at what was once a high-seas highjacker. The killer drug lord of Columbia then walks away.

Episode 17: Persian Immortal Vs Celt

The Persian Immortal and Celt are locked in fierce combat, with neither seeming to have an edge. The Celt decides to run for his lancea, with the Immortal moving back to his chariot to find his bow and arrow. The two of them have their weapons in hand as the Celt charges towards the Immortal. The Immortal takes aim and fires, but misses as the Celt throws his lancea towards the Immortal's head. It barely misses him, cutting the side of the Immortal's face, causing considerable pain to him. The Celt then charges with his long sword towards the Immortal, who quickly grabs his sagaris and shield. The Celt swings vigorously, but the Immortal seems to be one step ahead of him. He swings his sagaris at the long sword, knocking it out of the Celt's hands with sheer force, and strikes the Celt's belt, causing pain to the Celt. However, the Immortal cannot get the sagaris out of the belt, as the Celt draws his burda club and smashes through the sagaris' handle. The Immortal runs towards his spear as the Celt follows while pulling the blade from the sagaris out of this belt. The Immortal grabs the spear and goes for a stab, but the Celt moves out of the way and swings his burda club down upon the spear, knocking it down and nearly breaking it. The Immortal is sent to the ground and though he tries to crawl away, he has no choice but to flip over and cover himself with the shield as the Celt approaches with his burda club in hand. He swings it at the shield, eventually breaking it, and as the Immortal lets out his last scream, swings it down at his head. The Celt looks at the fallen Immortal, his face crushed in, and then retrieves his long sword and swings it down. The tribal fighter runs with the Persian elite's head in his hands and shouts in victory.

Episode 18: KGB Vs CIA

KGB 005 approaches his car and opens the door. He turns his head to ensure that there are no enemies within his vehicle. He then pushes his seat back, forcing CIA 002 to move out of the way and exit the car. KGB 005 chases after CIA 002 and tackles him to the ground. He attempts to strangle CIA 002, who takes the garrote, wraps it around KGB 005's hands, and then tightens it. KGB 005 shouts in pain, but quickly takes out his shoe knife and kicks CIA 002 in the leg, causing him to untighten the garrote and move away from him. KGB 005 walks up to CIA 002, who tries to go for another manuever with his garrote, but is stopped when KGB 005 grabs a hold of the garrote. He then delivers kick after kick with his shoe knife to CIA 002, stabbing him in the stomach, the side, and the armpit, and then throws him to the ground. CIA 002 struggles to stand back up as KGB 005 delivers a final kick to CIA 002's neck, killing him instantly. When the blood begins to spill from the last of America's top spy master's neck, the last of Russia's elite Secret Service looks over at his opponent and then approaches his car.

Episode 19: Vlad the Impaler Vs Sun Tzu

Vlad the Impaler and Sun Tzu are dueling one another with the kilij and jian. Sun Tzu, despite his skills, clearly sees that Vlad has the advantage and wisely decides to discontinue their fight and flees. Vlad charges at him, attempting to catch up to and finish Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu then approaches a tree and waits for Vlad to catch up to him. Vlad goes for a swing and Sun Tzu rolls out of the way. The kilij is then trapped in the tree and Vlad struggles to get it free. Then Vlad begins to succumb to the poison from the repeating crossbow's tip. He looks down and sees that the grass underneath him is wet. He cannot seem to figure out why until he turns and sees Sun Tzu with his bow and flaming arrows. Vlad pleas with him, but Sun Tzu refuses to let Vlad's offense go and fires the arrow at the grass, engulfing it and Vlad in flames. Vlad tries to move out of the grass, but slowly falls onto his knees and to the ground. The general and philosopher kneels on the grass and looks over at the fiery remains of the Transylvanian prince.

Episode 20: Ming Warrior Vs French Musketeer

The last Ming warrior and French musketeer duel with their dao and rapier respectively until the musketeer takes out his main gauche and disarms the Ming of his weapon. The Ming flees and the musketeer pursues him. The Ming then enters a cave, where the musketeer chooses not to follow. The musketeer moves away from the cave and lights one of his grenades and waits for a while as the flame goes down the wire. He then leaps out in front of the cave to see where the Ming is hiding when he sees the Ming warrior holding a nest of bees. Before the musketeer can throw his grenade, the nest of bee fires and multiple arrows hit the musketeer. The Ming gets back, for the grenade rolls out of the musketeer's hand and goes off. The Ming approaches the fallen royal guard of France, seeing that his nest of bee's arrows at close range had dispatched him. He then goes to retrieve his dao and then swings it down. Afterward, the weapons innovator of China shouts in victory while holding the ear of his opponent in his hand.

Episode 21: Comanche Vs Mongol

The Mongol hunts for the Comanche in the caves and when he finds him, charges at him with his flanged mace. The Comanche remains mobile, trying all that he can to evade the Mongol. Eventually, the Comanche takes out his war hawk and wields it alongside the knife. He attacks with both of them, leaving the Mongol on the defensive with the mace, since the mace is much slower. He then draws his ild and uses it in combination with the mace. The two battle with the comanche quickly being disarmed of his knife by the ild. The Comanche does manage to disarm the Mongol of his ild once again by hitting it to the ground with his war hawk, but the Mongol then swings his mace into his back. When the comanche tries to get back up, the Mongol slams it again. After swinging it down a third time for good measure, he turns the Comanche over and swings it down on his head, killing him instantly. After looking back at the fallen Native-American horse warrior, the lone soldier of the Mongol horde shouts in victory.

Episode 22: Navy SEALs Vs Israeli Commandos

The two remaining Israeli Commandos look around for the last Navy SEAL. They suddenly hear gunfire and decide to investigate. The Israeli Commandos approach the pipes and one of them goes through. The other Israeli Commando actually stops the C4 and tries to urge his comrade to get out of the way, but is too late as the Navy SEAL detonates it. His comrade is killed instantly and he is sent to the floor and manages to get up. The Navy Seal then charges through the destroyed pipes and fires his Sig Sauer P226, which the Israeli Commando quickly evades. The Israeli Commando then hides behind cover in a room filled with lights and the Navy SEAL decides to fire at the lights. The Israeli Commando can still see, though it is very dark. The SEAL sees that he's out of ammo and quickly switches to his Recon 1 Knife. The Israeli Commando waits and the moment the SEAL charges in for the kill, he quickly gets him into a hold. The SEAL struggles to shake him off and then slashes with his knife, forcing the Israeli Commando to let him go. The Israeli Commando then takes out his KA-BAR Knife and the two duel. The Commando goes for slashes, but then the SEAL goes for a stab, managing to do some damage to the Israeli Commando. The Commando then runs from the SEAL, goes behind a corner, and reaches for his Glock 19. The SEAL charges and the Commando stops his Recon 1 Knife with his KA-BAR and then pulls out the Glock 19 and shoots the SEAL in the armpit. As the last of America's special forces fall, Israel's top-secret assassin walks away.

Season 3

Episode 23: George Washington Vs Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington clash with their swords, ending with Washington falling off of his horse. Napoleon, however, does not dismount and instead charges at Washington once again. George repositions himself and tries to find the right position at which to strike at Napoleon. The two clash, with Washington suffering a slash across the shoulder and Napoleon suffering a stab to his side. Enraged at his wound, Napoleon gets off of his horse and charges at Washington. The two duel, with George still managing to hold off Napoleon's calvary sabre. However, his wound on his shoulder begins to get the better of him and Napoleon uses this to his advantage and charges at George. Just as Napoleon is about to collide with Washington, both attempt a stab with their swords. Napoleon knocks George to the ground and both seem to go through with their stabs. However, Napoleon missed the colichemarde entirely and sees that his calvary sabre had killed his opponent. The bloodthirsty French emperor looks over at the fallen Gentleman Warrior and removes his hat as a sign of respect.

Episode 24: Joan of Arc Vs William the Conqueror

Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror come face-to-face, dueling with the French arming sword and Norman broadsword respectively. William the Conqueror is mostly unable to land any lethal strikes at Joan because of her armor. Joan, on the other hand, does not posess the same problem and goes for a thrust, which stabs William in the arm. William, enraged, swings his sword down on Joan's, knocking it from her hands, and then swings his sword towards her face, leaving a small cut on her cheek. She then takes back her arming sword and battles with William once again, but he decides to grab her by the arms and slam her into the wall, knocking her down. As she quickly tries to get up, William goes for a stab, which lands near Joan's neck. She sees that her neck is bleeding and she slowly falls down to her knees. Once the teenage French hero falls to the ground, the French duke and British King places down his sword.

Episode 25: U.S. Army Rangers Vs North Korean Special Operations Forces

The last NKSOF member fires and kills one of the Army Rangers, leaving only one remaining. The last Army Ranger fires at the NKSOF member, who flees down a staircase. Taking cover behind a wall, the NKSOF member sees that he still has some ammo left over in his AKM since he used only what he needed in. He sees the Army Ranger approaching and waits for an opening. He appears out of cover and is about to pull the trigger when the Army Ranger knocks his AKM away. He fires off many rounds, but the NKSOF member turns the M4 away from him and eventually knocks it away, leaving both unarmed. The Army Ranger tries to go and retrieve his M4, but the NKSOF member uses his hapkido and taekwondo to prevent him from doing so. The Ranger finds himself overwhelmed, but eventually reaches his M4. When he does, the NKSOF member runs for his AKM. The Army Ranger fires, but then sees that he's out of ammo, since he had used so much over the course of the battle. The NKSOF member then fires his AKM, ending the life of America's light infaltry division. The extremist super commando then shouts in victory.

Episode 26: Genghis Khan Vs Hannibal

As Genghis Khan spots Hannibal from atop his horse, he readies his bow while riding towards him. Hannibal then grabs hold of a soliferrum while preparing to block with his shield. Genghis Khan rides past Hannibal and fires an arrow, which barely penetrates his bronze muscalata. Before Genghis Khan can get far enough, Hannibal quickly throws his soliferrum, which downs Genghis Khan's horse, forcing him to the ground. Hannibal removes the arrow from his armor and then takes out his falcata. Genghis Khan then gets up, grabs his shield, takes out his Turko-Mongol saber and charges at Hannibal. He swings vigarously at Hannibal, who takes evasive action and waits for the right moment to strike. Hannibal then falls to one of his knees, appearing to be weakened, and blocks a swing from the Mongol saber with his shield, which disables his shield. He then goes for a strike to the helmet, which fails, but manages to slash Genghis's face in the process. Genghis Khan is then enraged and goes charging towards Hannibal, who decides to run after discarding his broken shield. Hannibal runs for a while before falling to the ground, tempting Genghis Khan to strike him down. Hannibal quickly rolls and slashes at Genghis Khan's left arm, taking out his shield. After getting up, he waits for Genghis Khan to catch up to him and dodges each of his swings, which begin to slow. After Hannibal blocks one of Genghis's blows with his falcata, Genghis Khan raises his saber. Before he can swing downward, Hannibal slashes Genghis's right arm, forcing him to drop his last weapon, and then stabs his falcata into Genghis's throat. As the Great Khan's blood emerges from his neck, the Carthaginian commander pulls the falcata out, watches him fall, and shouts "Death to Rome!" in Carthaginian.

Episode 27: Saddam Hussein Vs Pol Pot

With his cane knife deep inside of his fallen comrade, Pol Pot is helpless as he sees Saddam Hussein draw his browning pistol and points it towards his head. He taunts, "This is a weapon" in Arabic and as he prepares to pull the trigger, Pol Pot knocks the pistol out of his hands and kicks the dictator away, refusing to die without a fight. Saddam then charges at Pol Pot with his combat knife as Pol Pot pulls out his cane knife and barely manages to block the blade in time. Each time Saddam goes for a stab, Pol Pot retaliates with a flurry of slashes. Saddam kicks Pol Pot into a wall and goes for a stab, but Pol Pot gets out of the way and then slashes Saddam's hand, causing him to drop the knife. Knowing that his only hope for survival is his browning pistol, he runs for it as Pol Pot pursues him. Saddam Hussein rolls for his pistol and then turns towards Pol Pot as he lunges towards Saddam with his cane knife.

Version 1: Pol Pot manages to grab Saddam's other hand as he fires his browning pistol, missing his intended target. Before he can try to aim it again or get Pol Pot off of him, Pol Pot grabs his cane knife and stabs it into Saddam's neck. As the former Iraqi prime minister's blood leaves his neck, the Cambodian leader pulls out the cane knife and shouts in victory.

Version 2: Pol Pot and Saddam collide as Pol Pot goes for a stab and Saddam fires his browning pistol. The shot hits Pol Pot in the chest as he sees blood emerging on his shirt. Saddam chuckles at this, but then realizes that the cane knife had gone through his chest and blood emerged on his shirt as well. Both ruthless dictators, who had brought so much suffering to their own people, slowly die, with neither emerging victorious.

Episode 28: Theodore Roosevelt Vs Lawrence of Arabia

Theodore and Lawrence are engaged in a knife fight, with neither of them getting the edge. It seems that Lawrence will be overpowered by Theordore's strength and size, but then Lawrence takes an opportunity to evaluate a weakness that could prove beneficial. He blocks Theodore's bowie hunter with his jambiya and then grabs a hold of Theodore's glasses. Theodore tries to push him away, but Lawrence holds onto them, throws them to the ground, steps on them, and then runs off. Theodore then charges right after him, despite his blindness and the chase goes on until it seems that Lawrence is stopped in his tracks, exhausted. Theodore lunges with his bowie hunter, tacking Lawrence and delivering multiple stabs to the head. When he realizes that there's no blood on his knife, Theodore flips Lawrence over and realizes that he hasn't been stabbing him at all: he had been attacking his robes, which Lawrence laid out for him. Suddenly, two arms wrap around Theodore's neck along with the jambiya, which eventually slice his throat. As Theodore falls to the ground, Lawrence is revealed in his British Army uniform. The British officer looks over at the fallen Rough Rider as he wipes his jambiya blade.

Episode 29: Ivan the Terrible Vs Hernan Cortes

Ivan and Cortes charge at each other on horseback, with Ivan getting slashed across the face and Cortes harmelssly being struck in his armor. Ivan appears to want to charge again, but then as they near each other, Ivan falls off of his horse purposely to dodge the ropera. Cortes is at first surprised, but then charges towards Ivan once again. Ivan manages to pick up a bardiche from one of his fallen soldiers and swings it towards Cortes. It does not harm him due to his armor, but Cortes feels the impact and can barely hang onto his horse and eventually falls. As Cortes struggles to get back up, he sees Ivan approaching him quickly with bardiche in hand. Cortes reaches for his fallen ropera, but his hand is chopped off by the bardiche. As Cortes shrieks in pain, Ivan strikes his armor with the bardiche, practically stunning him. Ivan then drops the bardiche and draws his sablia. He slashes Cortes' neck, which kills him instantly. However, Ivan continues slashing at Cortes despite this. After a long time passes, the first Czar of Russia shouts in victory, and then laughs as he looks over at the Spanish conquistador, whose blood covers and surrounds his body.

Episode 30: Crazy Horse Vs Pancho Villa

Crazy Horse and Pancho Villa duel, with their club and bolo knife respectively. Despite the club's durability, the stone end is seperated from the handle by a powerful slash. Knowing well that he stood no chance without a proper weapon to repel the knife, he flees from Pancho Villa. Pancho Villa quickly retrieves his colt bisley and pursues him. He fires a few shots, but Crazy Horse quickly evades all of them and hides behind cover. He reaches for his bow and arrow, which he had left behind from earlier and prepares them. He quickly moves out of cover, his bow ready to fire, waiting for Pancho Villa to fire off his rounds. Pancho Villa fires a round, which Crazy Horse barely dodges, causing him to nearly drop his bow and arrow. Realizing that he has an opportunity to end the battle now, Pancho Villa pulls the trigger, but then realizes that he is out of ammo. Before he can even attempt to move his legs, Crazy Horse draws and fires his bow, hitting Pancho Villa in the chest with an arrow. When the Mexican revolutionary general finally draws his last breath, the Native American fighter of the Lakota tribe shouts in victory.

Episode 31: French Foreign Legion Vs Gurkhas

The leader of the French Foreign Legion and the leader of the Gurkhas approach each other, knifes drawn, and then battle. Eventually, the FFL leader begins to overpower the Gurkha leader with his sheer size, but is then pushed back. The Gurkha then decides to go for a kick, but the FFL leader catches his leg with one of his hands, stabs it with the camillus, and tears it out. The Gurkha falls, with a huge wound in his leg, as he tries to get up. The Gurkha swings his kukri, but the FFL leader steps back and then goes for a thrust. The camillus is stabbed into the Gurkha's chest, who grabs the FFL leader's arms in an effort to stop him, but it is thrusted further, causing the Gurkha to bleed from the mouth. After pulling his blade from the mountain assassin of Nepal, the real-life expendable wipes his blade, raises his arms and camillus into the air, and yells "Nous sommes la Legion!"

Episode 32: Zombies Vs Vampires

The last vampires tries to hold off the last 50 zombies and hold his own well. However, the vampire then begins to fatigue due to the zombie virus reaching his blood and his strength wavers. He still battles on, taking more zombies down, with only a few left, but eventually is completely unable to hold off the hoard any further. The zombies then trample the vampire, who roars in pain for the last time. After some time passes, the few zombies stand as the vampire lies on the ground, with multiple bites in his body. The vampire then gets up, for he is no longer a mythological creature, but has now become a flesh-eating zombie. He joins the hoard and all of the undead warriors leave.

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