L to R Saskue,Sakura,Naruto, and Kakashi



L to R Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael


TMNT:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 1 (Mirage Studios 1984)

Team Naruto: Naruto Vol. 1

TMNT Link:

Team Naruto Link:

Note: i would like to thank my good friend Kimmi for Giving me all the information on The Naruto weapons and Characters for this match up

i would also like to thank TMNTpedia for the information on the Heroes In a Half Shell

TMNT Weapons(note for short range mid range and special weapon will have two weapons do to the fact the turtles have ther own weapon)

Short Range

Twin Sais (Raph)


Mid Range

Bo Staff (Don)

Twin Katanas(Leo)

Long Range Shurikens
Special wep. Smoke Bombs and Exploding Shurikens
X-Factor years of training in the art of ninjutsu and martial arts by Splinter,Masters of their own wepons, Due to being freaks of society they must blend and live in the shadows to survive

Team Naruto Weapons

Short Range Kunais
Mid Range Windmill Shuriken
Long Range Shurikens
Special wep. Shadow Clone jutsu(naruto) Sharigan(Kakashi)
X-Factor Naruto,Saskue,and Sakura all have ninjutsu training and combat training in Ninja School While Kakashi is a Jonin Ninja and has years of combat training in his lifetime

TMNT Weapons

Team Naruto Weapons

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Next Matchup: The Mask(Dark Horse Comics): a mask made by the trickster god Loki that gives its wearer unimagniable powers vs. Majin Buu(DragonBallZ): The Legendary Pink Demon that terroized The DBZ World.

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