Dont let the outfit fool ya she's deadly as F***!!!


The Black Widow deadly and sexy at the same time

                            Roberta:Black Lagoon
                            Black Widow:Tales of Suspense # 52
      Black Widow:

Note:this will be the first Female warrior face off of Fictional Warriors

Weapon Status


Long Range

Remington 700 Sniper Rifle

Mid Range Umbrella Hidden Franchi SPAS-12
Short Range

Dual Sistema Colt Modelo 1927

Special Wep.

China Lake Launcher

Melee Wep. KA-BAR
X-Factor a former FARC guerrilla trained as an assassin, has trained with a wide variety of martial, weapon, and stealth skills.Strength, speed stamina, and stamina honed to almost superhuman level

Black Widow

Long Range

Dragunov SVD

Mid Range

Remington 870

Short Range

Dual IMI Desert Eagles

Special Wep. Belt of throwable metallic disk charges containing palstic explosives
Melee Wep. NR-40
X-Factor Olympic Class Athlete, Martial Art Expert,Superb markswoman,Weapons Specialist,extensive Espionage Training, human strength,speed stamina,and prowess enchanced by biotechnology to above human average or close to superhuman level.

Black Widows Weapons

Roberta Weapons

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