who will win?

The poll was created at 14:15 on July 20, 2010, and so far 3 people voted.

Makur weapons

close range=Mota saber, a medium sized saber made for cutting

med range= the kahrii club spear, a long club made for bashing in skulls!

long range= the short sword throwing knife, a blade as long as a spartan sword made for throwing

special= the metru hammer, a war hammer that's blunt sides are so powerfull it can go through skin and bone!

x factor, his will to take his land back!

Jynx the slayer's weapons

close range= the night mace, a small,thick piece of wood with a round solid steel ball at the tip and spike at the end

med range= the bravesword, a sword that can be conseilable in his shirt sleeve!

long range= the sling arrow, a arrow head made of a moon rock that has fell to the earth that is thrown like a sling but the power of an arrow!

special= the chimera axe, a axe heated right before battle that cuts and burns at the same time!

x factor= his brutality and regretless, he would be able to kill his own comrade if he had to!

to get to my next episode, click this link User blog:Mexican spider/Jack Mcmillian (war ages) vs Chris Eon (modern attack)

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