Well, ive come to notce some stuff, the people on this wiki are fucked up. Iv'e been banned for defending myself and then i see people making fake comments about.And well, im a Commie, and i seem to not fit on these wikis, goodbye, mother fuckers

People i have respect for

Facetheslayer- ur the only girl on here and have great battles, and u were one of my only friends

TDW jr.- i like ur style but i hate ur dad

Mibj1b- u were a Russian soldier and what doesn't get more badass then that? sorry TDW, colombia sucks, so u get no admiritian.

Anihilation Nation-U were an awesome bro and really cool

Leolab- u may be a guy with a stick up his ass but u were one cool guy.

People i really don't respect

TDW- u lied about me and got me banned first

Omnicube- u banned me second and turned out to be a vietnam basterd

MrPacheco- Yeah, u were my friend, then u stabbed me in the back (VIVA CUBA AND CASTRO!!!!!!)

To end

Well, this is my resignation , "i am not a crook", And,i may be on for a second each week, but who knows.

P.S. Fidel is a badass, im a commie, we'll rule the world some day

Addenum by Leolab

I've blocked commenting here. Shite's been getting too immature and there have been too many people, anons and registered users alike, being pricks. I've ended this. -LeoLab 16:27, December 11, 2010 (UTC)

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