Mexican spider

aka Liam

  • I live in Morris Plains,New Jersey
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Game maker
  • I am male
  • Mexican spider


    December 10, 2010 by Mexican spider

    Well, ive come to notce some stuff, the people on this wiki are fucked up. Iv'e been banned for defending myself and then i see people making fake comments about.And well, im a Commie, and i seem to not fit on these wikis, goodbye, mother fuckers

    Facetheslayer- ur the only girl on here and have great battles, and u were one of my only friends

    TDW jr.- i like ur style but i hate ur dad

    Mibj1b- u were a Russian soldier and what doesn't get more badass then that? sorry TDW, colombia sucks, so u get no admiritian.

    Anihilation Nation-U were an awesome bro and really cool

    Leolab- u may be a guy with a stick up his ass but u were one cool guy.

    TDW- u lied about me and got me banned first

    Omnicube- u banned me second and turned out to be a vietnam baste…

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  • Mexican spider

    Yuri's Weapons

    close range= MK24, a pistol that has an elastic knife(knife on an elastic string) and is supressed

    med range= AKs74u, the second form of the AK47

    long range= mosin nagant(scoped), a powerful sniper rifle

    special weapons= balistic knife, the spetznaz knife with a spring mechsnism that launches the blade

    melee weappon= vordedetch knife, his spcialized knife made out of shark's teeth.

    Shaun's weapons

    close range= Walther, the pistol used by nazis

    med range= SGk24, a german assault rifle

    long range= Kar98k, a highly powered rifle

    special weapon=exploding bullet, a bullet fit for any gun that can fit any gun that explodes!

    melee weapon= police baton, a baton that can beat a skull out.

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  • Mexican spider

    Jack's weapons

    close range= scimitar, a sword that used to be used by pirates!

    med range=cane gun, Jacks signature wepon, it is a cane that fires multiple rounds!

    long range= bow and arrow, the most modern version of a bow and arow!

    special weapon=Sn-right, a powerful double barreled,double scoped, pump action pistol!

    rockets= carl gustav, one of the most powerful rocket launchers known to man and has no recoil!it takes a while to relode though.

    Chris Eon's weapons

    close range=the tactical knife, the knife that is used by the army

    med range= 12 gauge shotgun, the old fashioned double barreled shotgun!

    long range= mortar, a mortar from world war 2 that can fire shells from a distance

    special= the glock17 glock18 combo, a powerful combo of 2 types of …

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  • Mexican spider
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  • Mexican spider

    Makur weapons

    close range=Mota saber, a medium sized saber made for cutting

    med range= the kahrii club spear, a long club made for bashing in skulls!

    long range= the short sword throwing knife, a blade as long as a spartan sword made for throwing

    special= the metru hammer, a war hammer that's blunt sides are so powerfull it can go through skin and bone!

    x factor, his will to take his land back!

    Jynx the slayer's weapons

    close range= the night mace, a small,thick piece of wood with a round solid steel ball at the tip and spike at the end

    med range= the bravesword, a sword that can be conseilable in his shirt sleeve!

    long range= the sling arrow, a arrow head made of a moon rock that has fell to the earth that is thrown like a sling but the power of a…

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