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  • Leolab

    Temporary Break

    January 14, 2012 by Leolab
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  • Leolab

    Looking for admin

    November 2, 2011 by Leolab

    Hey all,

    since this wiki is currently on it's downtime, I'm looking for one new user to be an admin to up our current team up to three; a skeleton crew, if you will. If you so wish, leave your applications in the comments below, and I will confer with Omni to pick the one that best fits what our wiki's needs.

    The three restrictions are:

    1. Users who have logged in only; all anon applications will be deleted.
    2. Follow the application format. Any who don't will be rejected w/o review.
    3. User cannot have any fair bans on either this wiki or the Deadliest Fiction wiki.

    Application format is simple; you need your username and why you think you deserve to be an admin.

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  • Leolab

    Okay, so to prevent a massive flurry of blogs clogging this wiki up, I'm starting an official Season 4 speculation blog. I will update this when I can with sane suggestions.



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  • Leolab

    Okay, since many people are trying to complain elsewhere after I've locked commenting on blogs, I thought i would just make something to condense the complaints about the show. This way, people can have their say without resurrecting old blogs. Please use the blogs for the episode in question that I haven't locked before coming here.

    As per usual, don't flame.

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  • Leolab

    Who do you think will win and why? Yeah, Commenting's locked.

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