I saw how the list for the deadliest warrior fiction fights, so I thought, at the risk that anyones good ideas being deleted, you can post your ideas here. It's not for the real thing, (unless Astrotorical says it's OK) but I think it's for the best. You can even suggest yourself if you want to! Just put the name of the warior, his or her weapons, the media there from, and if you want to (and can), put a link and/or photo. Here's two of my ideas, including one I thought of today when watching Famliy Guy.

Name Rumbleweeds
Media the Wii game, Battle of The Bands
Long Range Cello/ Cannon
Mid Range Banjo/Blunderbuss

Short Range



Name Eddie Riggs
Media Brutal Legend
Long Range The Druid Plow's Heat Seeker Missiles
Mid Range Clementine's(Clementine is Eddie's Guitar) Shocker Power Chord
Short Range

The Separator Axe

Name Lois Griffin
Media Family Guy
Long Range Mini Gun
Mid Range

Duel Uzis

Short Range

Combat Knife

Special Weapons Flashbang
Explosives F1 Grenade belt
Name Stewie Griffin
Media Family Guy
Long Range Ray Gun
Mid Range Combat Shotgun
Short Range Pistol in his teddy bear, Rupert
Special Weapons Poison Dart Blowgun
Explosives Fire Works That he stole from Peter

So, in case your confused, it's Rumbleweeds vs. Eddie Riggs and Lois vs. Stewie. Make a note to comment on my other blogs.

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