I have some ideas for the next season:

  1. Australion Aborigine; Masters of the bomarang, VS. Hawaiian Warrior; killers in paradise.
  2. SAS(Special Air Service); British Commandos that you don't find out about until it's too late, VS. US Rangers; fighters who don't leave a man behind.
  1. Russian Mafia; the criminal organization that rised from the ashes of the KGB, VS. Triads; the underground society that casts a shadow across the dark alleys of Chinatown.
  1. The KKK(Ku Klux Klan); racist killers in hoods, VS. The Country Boys; Heroin dealers that tore harlem apart.
  1. Black September; the evil militant group behind the Munich massacre, VS. Al Qaeda; known as one of the most evil groups since the Nazi's.
  2. DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration); enemies of drug users and pushers everywhere, VS. The West Side Boys; killers in the Sierra Leone jungles.
  1. Old West Outlaws; criminals that made the western US a free for all, VS. Mexican Banditos; robbers that spearked the Mexican revaloshtion.
  1. Egyptian Soldier; members of one of the frist armys, VS. Berserker; crazy killer of all, including each other.
  1. WW1 German Stormtroopers; forrunner for the Waffen SS, VS. The French Resistacne, liberators of France from Hitler.
  1. MOSSUD; Israel's Seacret weapon, VS. M16; the Qweens secrest service
  1. All the Warriors from the series fighting(I did a blog post about this.)
  1. ANZACs(Australian and New Zealand Army Corps); WW1 heros of Gallipoli, VS. Confederate Soldiers; the backbone of the south.
  1. Caveman; the ancestor of all humans, VS. Mesopotmian Soldier; the fighter for the planet's first civilization

Just put up one of your ideas. And I will put up more mach ups when the ideas occere to me.

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