The SAS; The queen's special forces; that you don't know that they are there until it's too late, vs. The US Rangers; members of the US military machine; that don't leave a man behind. Who Is Deadliest?!?!?

The Regiment will blast in with:

Long Range L96 AWS Sniper Rifle
Mid Range MP5K
Short Range Browning High Power Pistol
Special Arwen 37 Tear Gas Grenade Launcher
Explosive Claymore mine

The Rangers are aiming:

Long Range M-24 Sniper Rifle
Mid Range M-1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun
Short Range IMI Desert Eagle
Special Crowd-Blinding Rifle
Explosive Model 308-1 Napalm Grenade

I think the SAS would win. It's simple math, Israeli Commandos based there units after the SAS, the Navy SEALs train with the Commandos, the Navy SEALs are the elite of US military, no flames if you read this and are in the military but are not in the SEALs.

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