A Hawaiian Koa Warrior; a killer from paradise, that would do anything to bring there foes to the ground, VS. An Australian Aborigine; king of the outback, master of the Boomerang. WHO IS DEADLIEST?!?

The Hawaiians are ready mame and kill with:

Long Range Pololu Javelin
Mid Range Throwing Axe
Short Range lhe Laumeki spear
Special weapons

Pikoi Tripping Cord

Pohaku Mace/knuckle duster

The Aborigines answer back with:

Long Range Spear and Woomera launcher
Mid Range Boomerang (of course)
Short Range Nulla Nulla club
Special weapons Grass Trap

I think that the Koa will win, because, not counting the Spear and Grass Trap, the Aborigines weapons are to inflict blunt force trauma, well the Hawaiians weapons are like shark-toothed chainsaws.

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