The Drug Enforcemet Administration; nemesis of drug pushers everywere, working to make the world a better place, vs. The West Side Boys; Guerrillas in the jungles of Sierra Leone, ready to kill anyone who gets in there way. WHO IS DEADLIEST?!?!

The DEA are going to make a bust with:

Long Range SIG SG 550 Assault rifle
Mid Range Beneli M3 Shotgun
Short Range SIG Pro pistol
Explosives Flashbang

The West Side Boys fire back with:

Long Range FN P90
Mid Range AK-47
Short Range Walther PP
Explosives L16 81mm Mortar

This is a hard for me to say who would win, but my vote goes to the DEA.

(PS, I know it's a good guy vs. bad guy match but it's cool. Why? Let's just say that there's a resson why the DEA is still around and the West Side Boys are not. And also, stop be so criticl with my blogs. I know you have freedom of speach, but I'm getting sick of people saying my ideas are bad.)

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