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    Deadliest Warrior: Squads

    September 17, 2011 by KevlarNinja

    Hey, it's me KevlarNinja. Sorry about not bloging here so much lately, it's just with the Deadliest Fiction wiki, good battles are like good drinks: after one, it's hard to stop. ;) Anyway, I know I've tossed this idea around a few times, but I figure with the new season, the idea needs some tweaking. So, anyway, I present to you:


    What is it? Well, it's my idea for the show's next game. The idea? Imagine Counter-Strike meets Deadliest Warrior.

    Basiclly, it's a way of using modern warriors/sqaud fighters. Naturally, the warriors will be separate to keep unfair fights from happening. Let's meet the warriors and there openings (when the battle starts), there spawn sites, and there victory cries:

    Intro: William (speaki…

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  • KevlarNinja

    Horrible Histories

    January 29, 2011 by KevlarNinja

    It turns out the popular "Horrible Histories" series of books has it's own TV show on the BBC! Here's the Series 2 intro(I've already got it on my user page on the Deadliest Fiction wiki) Here!

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  • KevlarNinja

    In case any of you don't know, this year they will be makeing one of spike tv's most popular show's (I think you know which one) into a movie this year. So I made this blog for people to share there opinons on it.

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  • KevlarNinja

    Another game idea

    November 29, 2010 by KevlarNinja

    I got the idea from multi player mode of Black Ops. The idea is that you fight in an area and get to make your own warrior, with a mix of ancient and modern. You could even mix armors (E.I Kevlar and chain mail). Here are two examples:

    Demo Man:

    Long Range Nest of Bees
    Mid Range Thompson Submachine gun
    Short Range Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Explosives Car Bomb

    Covert Killer:

    Long Range Blowgun
    Mid Range Briefcase Gun
    Short Range Icepick
    Special Garrote
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  • KevlarNinja

    Look at this Poster I found.

    See what I mean?

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