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  • Justin.sommers.50


    August 29, 2013 by Justin.sommers.50

    In the show, some warriors don't look the same in real life

    for example

    the Cartel Thug in the show and Escobar in real life both look the same but Escobar in the show looks very different

    2. both Adolf Hitler in real life and Saddam Hussein in the show look the same (a little)

    tell me if this is false in the comments Below

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Joining my wiki

    August 17, 2013 by Justin.sommers.50

    hi guys, could you join my wiki

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    If Deadliest Warrior had a season 4 i want them to have Fidel Castro vs Pablo Escabar or Adolf Hitler vs Osama Bin Laden

    Tell me what you think they should've done

    -Justin Sommers 2013 :)

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