Soo, I decided to continue this. But I'll be adding a couple fights at a time. So, it's still a tournament, but I'm also including some Season 1 losers.

Pre gun-powder warriors

Knight VS Vlad the Impaler

Vlad, he might have the devestating Kilij, or that mighty halberd, but the Knight has that piercing Crossbow and that punishing Morningstar. Plus, the Knight has a ton of armour. Knight wins.

Comanche VS Zande

The Zande are more about force and strengh IMO, and the Comanche are more hit-and-run/stealthy kind of warrior. But if the Comanche's first arrow doesn't strike, or the first slash isn't fatal, it's all over for them. Zande by a lot.

Persian Immortal VS William Wallace

ONLY because of that Claymore, I'm calling it William's game. I've yet to see a Persian weapon lop off three heads like that.

Post gun-powder warriors

Nazi Waffen-SS vs IRA

Well, both have Flamethrowers, both have guns, and both can kill. But the IRA are just that more accurate, and beat out a larger force. IRA, just barely.

SWAT VS Somali Pirates

The Somali Pirates might've beaten a large drug cartel, and control the coasts of Somalia, but the SWAT take out threats, day after day, and that's what I thought carried them out with the win over GSG 9. SWAT wins.

Adding more later... plz suggest match-ups.

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