• Jar teh marksman

    Soo, I decided to continue this. But I'll be adding a couple fights at a time. So, it's still a tournament, but I'm also including some Season 1 losers.

    Vlad, he might have the devestating Kilij, or that mighty halberd, but the Knight has that piercing Crossbow and that punishing Morningstar. Plus, the Knight has a ton of armour. Knight wins.

    The Zande are more about force and strengh IMO, and the Comanche are more hit-and-run/stealthy kind of warrior. But if the Comanche's first arrow doesn't strike, or the first slash isn't fatal, it's all over for them. Zande by a lot.

    ONLY because of that Claymore, I'm calling it William's game. I've yet to see a Persian weapon lop off three heads like that.

    Well, both have Flamethrowers, both have guns, a…

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