I hope this is fine with you guys to put this here. I found a very good combat simulator online that simulates battles. It's very flexible, allowing for new warriors to be added at will. So, I decided to use this program to simulate all of the Ancient Warriors to find the best one. What I need is some input, so if any of you can answer the questions below, that'd be great. I have a bracket with randomized seeds already set up on Challonge

I'm doing this one matchup at a time. The randomized seeds have led to the Roman Centurion vs. Vlad the Impaler. So, below are some questions for you to give your opinions?

Coverage and Armor is done with a numerical value, so I want your suggestions on which value would be best. I'll take an average of everyone's suggestion if they're different(which they probably will be.). 

  • Overall Coverage:
  • Crushing Coverage:
  • Slashing Coverage:
  • Piercing Coverage:

How fast is this warrior on a scale of 0-100?

What X-Factors would you include in this matchup? Give a value for each, preferably.  

How many battles should be simulated? 100? 1000? 5000? Any other value? 

Who is deadliest, in your opinion?

And that's it! Hopefully this turns out into something really cool and interesting! I'll post screenshots when I finally simulate the battle. 

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