Amazon guard – Dutch Comando

Royal guard – FARC

Tamil Tigers – Hezbollah

Musketeers - Ottoman Gunmen

Buffalo Soldier – Napoleon Bonaparte

Scytian Calvalry – Jewish Zealot

Barbary Corsair – Egyptian Warrior

Janjaweed – Croatian rebels

Dac Cong – SEDENA

Texas Rangers – Pancho Villa

Sentinelese People – Trung Trac

Saxon – Samurai

New People’s Army – National Liberation Army

Majapahit Warrior – Aztec Eagle

Cossack – George Washington

French Old Guard – Ming Warrior

Imperial Japan – Finnish Winter Guard

Alamo Scouts – 26th of July Movement

Kublai Kahn – Hannibal Barca

Bedouin – Winged Hussar

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