Not so long ago I decided to re-watch the S2 episode “Roman Centurion vs. Rajput Warrior” to see if I can glean anything new from it. Nope, still the same story: the centurion loses to the Rajput because he had no chance.

There are several factors that make a warrior, but here the critical one was the warrior training. The Roman army was the first regular army (in Europe at least) that utilized teams of soldiers rather than individual warriors, unlike the Rajput. That is why there was a Roman empire in history, but not a Rajput one, of course, but the DW show put individual warriors in this episode, rather than 4- or 5- person teams, let alone armies, and on their own, the Roman soldiers tended to lose to their ‘barbaric’ opponents – Gauls, Iberians, etc.

The Rajput in this episode was no different, other than for his race and geographic homeland: he was still a barbarian and in an army Rome would have steamrolled right over his kingdom, at least initially. On his own, though, the Roman centurion (he could have been just a foot soldier – it would have been no different) was no match to the Rajput warrior with his longer sword and greater experience of one-on-one fighting. Oh well. It is still a good episode.

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