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  • Bacner

    Not so long ago I decided to re-watch the S2 episode “Roman Centurion vs. Rajput Warrior” to see if I can glean anything new from it. Nope, still the same story: the centurion loses to the Rajput because he had no chance.

    There are several factors that make a warrior, but here the critical one was the warrior training. The Roman army was the first regular army (in Europe at least) that utilized teams of soldiers rather than individual warriors, unlike the Rajput. That is why there was a Roman empire in history, but not a Rajput one, of course, but the DW show put individual warriors in this episode, rather than 4- or 5- person teams, let alone armies, and on their own, the Roman soldiers tended to lose to their ‘barbaric’ opponents – Gauls,…

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  • Bacner

    So, I have recently re-watched the DW episode “Hannibal vs. Genghis Khan”. What conclusions watching this episode have come forth to me?

    Firstly, the weapons. Genghis Khan’s weapons were all cavalry weapons – the recurved bow, the jida lance, the Turko-Mongol saber. Each of them is at its most efficient when used on a horse, especially the saber, as the show’s tests have demonstrated. When used as a foot weapon, the saber lost to Hannibal’s shorter falcata; on the horseback test, the saber was the better weapon. The bow can be used on foot (the bow is a very versatile weapon on its own), but the lance? Forget it. A lance is a cavalry weapon and DW’s staff did not even try to use it on foot-based test. It was horseback through and through.


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