• based on modern warriors(all modern warriors will be in the game
  • call of duty like gameplay
  • 2 teams in one match
  • each team can have up to 12 players
  • character creation for each warrior.ex:pin strip suit on one of al copones gangsters and tommy gun and colt 45 and baseball bat
  • each warrior has a uniqe set of weapons(except for al copones gang and mafia,since they have similar weapons and style) ex:every warrior has a type of knife,like mafia is switchblade and green beret have a ka bar.every character has its own unique melee weapon.
  • modes:team deathmatch,free for all,one on one,fort assualt(every team has a base).showdown(like a mexican stand off,both teams are in a circle and both teams try to kill the other team,you stand in one place and cant move,)
  • pick up dead enemies weapons
  • civilians
  • disarms
  • game will be downloadable and able to buy it at a store
  • deadliest addition(limited addition) will come with a bowie knife(maybe) a code to unlock uniqe costumes for each faction(will not be downloadable)
  • additional weapons for each faction ex:tommy gun,sawn off shot gun with a addition to a colt 45 pistol and many other weapons
  • practice mode:takes place in the fight lab and outside of the fight lab to test out weapons
  • a story for each faction ex:spetznaz fighting in cold war
  • attachments for weapons
  • some game modes will have enemy A.I.(such as cops and zombies for the special mode)
  • special mode:zombies
  • vehicles
  • a option to record games and upload to youtube or any other websites
  • single player would have a caimpain and free roam
  • multiplayer free roam
  • costs $42

post ideas in the comments! to be countinued Atomichunter 03:48, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

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