This aint a blog like ShadowTales one (to do with the wiki) but i just feel like.. uuhh.. Blogging is it? i dont know what the term is but any way

So yeah i finally finished most of my half yearly exams. all i had to do was the Information, Processes and Technology exam. it was an online test, so we could obviously cheet... and my teacher is.. whats the word... terrible-at-teaching. AND he is the Computer Administator for the school.. youd think he would know what hes doin instead of making us do 'TYPING MASTER' every 2 seconds.. so back to the exam..

I was half way through the test and started the short response questions about stuff like :

*name* & *name* are trying to take stock, and want to catalouge all of there stock into an Information System. they have hired you to do this

what is an Information system

well that wasn't the question (i summarised) so the question didn't give any hints at all. and if that wasn't bad enough

i had to start the test all over again

(it was in class time and its a two hour test so it went for two lessons)

because the stupid thing didn't save what question i was up to.. and my friend finished it (at home) but he had to start again aswell

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