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  • Astrotorical


    June 1, 2011 by Astrotorical

    Well, thanks to the user LeoLab, i have decided to make my glorious return. Its probably a little weird but as of late, the Australian Satelite TV Channel of National Geographic has seemed to stop playing episodes of the Deadliest Warrior. they may be waiting for new episodes to arrive or the show is still in production but i haven't been able to watch it. I have found a website to which i can watch it (and no, it is not Spike TV, my government has put website blocking software into my computer). So ill have to catch up on some episodes, add in some more info to the pages and slowly but surely make my return to this wiki.

    the first time in a long time, I am once again saying my signature sign off,


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  • Astrotorical

    every one else is doin it so im gonna do a few.

    the secret storage facility housing some of the most dangerous weapons including pandoras box and jack the rippers lantern. "even the most evil of minds can be an artifact"


    the most extensive place to find anything and everything deadly, weird or not of this world including the legendary ark of the covenant, alien included

    which is deadlier, warehouse agents trained in the supernatural, including the 'Regence' OR the keepers of the secrets of the world and beyond, complete with the United States Army

    Warehouse 13 (SyFy) verses Area 51 (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

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  • Astrotorical

    basically i want ideas for a competition where the contestants dont fight each other, theres one on South Park wiki where maggie (aka Margret Simpson) got lost and you win something if you find her. we should do something like that. maybe have a Spartan (from microsofts, Halo) get lost here. we'd get more users coming here and we could ask the admins there to help us out. i dont know, what you guys think, anything better (or original) would be good


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  • Astrotorical

    Comp Ideas

    June 11, 2010 by Astrotorical

    Got any ideas? post 'em 'ere and the winning idea will.. win.. something.. i dont know what yet..

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  • Astrotorical

    the L's test

    June 5, 2010 by Astrotorical

    so just before i took a practice L's test to see how i would go.. as it turns out i failed.. twice... mind you i didn't study. the third time i aced it.. still wihout studying

    i reckon id go pretty good if i studied, if i get them on tuesday im gonna drive up to a town called Orange. use google earth or whatever its called to find it ( use Orange, Nsw, Australia ). and i have also discovered that for some reason i use alot of full stops, 'also' and 'i'. laugh out inside voice.

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