"Put away the pigs, put away the ballistics gel torsos - for the first time on Deadliest Warrior, we're going to be testing on a live human being!"

Geoff Desmoulin

The Taser Shockwave is a non-lethal electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. It was the Special Weapon of the SWAT Team.


The Taser shockwave consists of 36 tasers in two rows. The tasers can be deployed all at once, or by row.


The Taser Shockwave is designed to create a stationary barrier against multiple adversaries. It can hit a target up to 35 feet away and is capable of piercing through thick clothing to get to the skin.

In ShowEdit

When placed against the GSG-9's Sting Grenade, the edge was given to the Shockwave because it had a wider range and hit all of its targets. The Sting Grenade did not make contact with all of its targets. Also, while the Shockwave only fired at targets in front of it, the rubber balls launched by the Sting Grenade went off in all directions, adding a risk of injuring allies in addition to enemies.


  • The Taser was the only weapon on the show so far that was used on a living person.

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