Stingray spear
The Stingray Spear or Tao was a Polynesian thrusting weapon. It was one of the Mid-Range Weapons of the Māori Warrior.


The Stingray spear consisted of numerous stingers from the tails of stingrays attached to a wooden shaft.


  • 5 feet
  • 2 lbs
  • Wood & tail spines


The Stingray spear is essentially a "one-hit" weapon because the stingers, covered with thousands of tiny barbs, remain imbedded in the body, detaching themselves from the shaft as it is withdrawn.


  • Knights has a spear called the Brandistock, which appeared similarly to the Stingray Spear used in the show. Although used, it wasn't popular, most likely due to the weakness of the thin spearpoints.

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