A Soliferrum

The Soliferrum (from Latin solos, "only" + ferrum, "iron") is an Iberian throwing spear. It was the Medium-Range weapon of Hannibal Barca.


  • Total Length: 5 feet
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Iron shaft
  • Iron tip


The soliferreum was a heavy javelin forged from a single piece of iron, and was usually 1.5 to 2 meters in length. The barbed spear tip was narrow so as to pierce through shields and armor.


Like other javelins, the soliferrum was thrown in volleys to disorganize the enemy formation before advancing for close quarters combat. It could also be thrown from horseback, as shown in the test. The weight and density of the weapon's iron shaft, coupled with the narrow tip gave it excellent armor-piercing capability at close range.


The Soliferrum was pitted against the Jida Lance of Genghis Khan for mid range weapons. The two weapons were tested in eliminating a moving target from horseback. Neither weapon achieved an instant kill, but the edge was given to the soliferrum due to the fact it could be used as a missle weapon and Hannibal would be carrying multiple soliferrums.


  • Percentage wise, the soliferrum is the most successful weapon in any category of season 3. It scored 86% as Hannibal's mid-range weapon in the simulation.
  • The Soliferrum would evolve into the Pilum when adapted by the romans.

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