The Sling is an ancient projectile weapon used to hurl stones or weights long distances. It was the Long-Range weapon of the Gladiator and the Celt. Another version of the sling, the Tematlatl, was used by the Aztec Jaguar.


The sling is simply two cords (in this case, braided wool) attached to a small pouch. One of the cords ends in a loop which fits over the finger, while the other ends in a knot which is held. The projectiles used were most commonly stones, or sometimes lead weights.


The sling was a low-status weapon, cheap and easy to make. It was commonly used for hunting, fending off wild animals, and warfare. The projectile is placed into the pouch and the user swings it around several times. The cords are released and the projectile is launched forward. Because of its simplicity, the sling was one of the most commonly used weapons in the ancient world. Virtually every ancient army used slingers to some degree. The most famous account of the sling's use in ancient warfare is from the Holy Bible. David, an unarmored shepherd boy, used the sling to kill the Philistine giant Goliath with a single shot to the forehead, demonstrating that while it may be a low-status weapon, in the hands of an expert, it was not to be underestimated. Slings existed in the middle ages but the practice of using large numbers of slingers as a unit in battle faded as bow and arrow archers began to dominate the battlefield. As muskets appeared, the art of slinging was reduced to fending off wolves in farms, and even then the gun replaced the sling for civilian use. In modern times, it is still used by rioters, survivalists, or competitive slingers.

In ShowEdit

The sling has been used several times in show, however it is constantly paired up against the bow, to which it always comes out being an inferior weapon, having poorer range, accuracy and killing power. Throughout out the entire course of the show it has only received a total of 4 kills.


  • Gladiator:
    • Length: 2 feet
    • Weight: Under 1 pound
    • Composition: Braided wool and leather
  • Celt:
    • Range: 220 yards
    • Sling length: 5 feet
    • Stone length: 3 inches
    • Composition: Braided cord and leather



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