The siege cannon is an early artillery weapon. It was the long-range weapon of Joan of Arc.


In the 800s the Chinese were the first to make gunpowder. The Song Dynasty created the first cannon known as the Fire Lance in the 900s. Chinese cannon technology would be widespread by the 1100s. With the rise of the Arabic Empire, the technology traveled from China westward to the battlefield of Europe. The Arabs had a monopoly on cannon warfare until their wars against Europe allowed the Europeans to steal the technology for themselves.


The siege cannon was a cast iron barrel mounted on a wooden cart, with an overall weight of 1,350 lbs. The cannonballs were made from granite and weighed between 10 and 12 lbs. The range was measured at 2,200 yards.


  • Total weight: 1,350 lbs
  • Ordinance: 10-12 lb stone ball
  • Range: 2,200 yards
  • Ignitor: Fuse
  • Average reload time: 1:24


The siege cannon was used to bombard the walls of the castle, continually blasting it until the wall eventually collapsed under its own weight.


The siege cannon was pitted against the Torsion catapult of William the Conqueror. The siege cannon was tested against a wall, made to medievel specifications, and given 5 shots to bring it down. The wall was heavily damaged and after 3 shots, a ballistics gel torso was added to test for accuracy and lethality. The cannon hit the gel on the fifth shot, giving an instant kill and doing extreme damage to the wall (Geoff stated that if it were a weight bearing wall, it would have collapsed) with an average reload of 1 minute and 24 seconds. The catapult was tested against a mock castle wall and village with 5 shots to hit as many villagers or guards along the wall as possible. The catapult killed 2 villagers and one guard with an average reload of 1 minute and 1 second. The edge was given to the siege cannon due to its intimidation factor, the sound of the cannon causing a morale drop on the castle defenders when facing a long time of hearing the cannon blasts, and ability to breach a castle wall.


  • Small cannons were mounted on camels; making it a Camel Gun.

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