Viking Norse Warfare Gokstad Wooden Shield zpscec1214c

The Viking Shield is the special weapon for the Viking, it repelled oncoming attacks and allowed Norseman to charge in for closing kills.


  • Special weapons
  • 3 inches in diameter
  • 6 lbs
  • Wood with iron boss


Viking shields were made with planks of wood fastened together side by side. It was normally covered in some type of animal skin, with an iron boss in the center. The edge would be rimmed with more hide or iron. The shield was meant to be chewed up as a fight went on, when a warrior struck it with an ax or sword it could be caught in the shield, then it only requires a simple twist to disarm the enemy. This shield was especially good against arrows. The shield was also used for offense as well as defense. The shield was also used for striking, backhanding and ramming enemies with the spiked iron boss in the center of the shields.

In ShowEdit

The shield was tested against the kanabo. The kanabo managed to break one of the planks off the shield but was damaged itself in process. The kanabo was given the edge for its offensive capability to demolish the shield

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