(Sawed Off)

Sawed-Off Shotgun

The Sawed-off Shotgun is a modified firearm. It was the Mid-Range Weapon of the Mafia.


Modified from a double-barrel shotgun, the Mafia's Sawed-Off Shotgun has the barrel and butt stock cut down with a hacksaw. The weapon has two triggers, one for each barrel, and no magazine, so the gun must be reloaded once both shots had been fired.

The model used in the show resembles a Winchester Model 21, however double barred shotguns existed for centuries before.


  • Range: 10 yards
  • Caliber: 12 gauge shells
  • Ammo: 2 rounds
  • Rds/min: 6


The shorter barrel gives the weapon a shorter effective range, but a greater shot dispersal. It also makes the weapon much easier to conceal and wield in confined spaces, where the disadvantage of a shorter firing range is nullified. Since the Mafia operate in densely packed cities and normally ambush their enemies, this shotgun is perfectly designed for mafia murders.

The term 'riding shotgun' has two origins; to refer to a bodyguard that assisted coaches and wagons on the Oregon Trail, or a hitman that would be assisted by a getaway driver. These gunmen were called 'shotgun messengers'. Shotguns were also frequently used by security guards for trains or banks.

Shotguns were rarely useful in largescale conflict unless armies could engage at point range. This was the case in the Battle of Gate Pā; where the Maori used their shotguns to fight back against the British soldiers inside their Pa fort.

Shortening a barrel poses the risk of the user holding the gun inappropriately and dangerously. [1]


The TP-82 was a shotgun for Russian Comonauts to protect them if they returned to Earth in the wild. [2]