The Rapier and Main Gauche was a sword-and-dagger combination, designed to stab and thrust with deadly results. It was the Close-Range weapon of the Musketeer. The Main Gauche is used by Hernan Cortes in Deadliest Warrior: Legends.


The rapier is a long, thin-bladed sword with a sharp edge to prevent the weapon from being grabbed. The swept hilt protected the user's hand. The Main Gauche (French for "left hand") was a dagger similar to, but shorter than the rapier.


  • 4 feet/1.5 feet
  • 3 lbs/1.5 lbs
  • Double-edged
  • Steel


The rapier was a thrusting weapon carried in the right hand, while the main gauche was carried in the left and was primarily used for parrying the opponent's sword or for surprise strikes. They were the most popular sword and dagger of the Renaissance.

Because it allowed for fast reactions and had a long reach, the rapier was well-suited to civilian combat during the 16th and 17th Centuries. However, the sword never saw widespread use on the battlefield and was mainly restricted to use in duels. Most land soldiers would use the cheaper and more common bayonets and calvary-men would use sabers, which were better designed for horsemen.

Test in ShowEdit

During the test, the rapier/main gauche combo delivered five kill strikes against a gel torso in 16 seconds. The rapier struck through a synthetic eyeball and stabbed into the brain, stabbed the throat and severed the jugulars and the carotid artery, and stabbed between two ribs and pierced the heart. The main gauche stabbed into the abdomen and through the remaining synthetic eyeball and into the brain. The rapier's thrusting speed was measured at 5.9 feet per second, or roughly 4 mph.

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