An armor type found almost exclusively in Europe, it consisted of solid pieces of metal. Early types of this armor were made out of Bronze; Spartans used bronze curaiss which proved to be highly effective against any type of attack. The major advantage of solid plate armor is that it can stop any type of weapon prior to the development of blackpowder fire arms. Slashing, stabbing and most bludgeoning attacks can be stopped by a good piece of plate armor. While mail and lamellar can stop two of the three types of offense mentioned, plate can stop all three. While plate can stop most attacks, something like a warhammer with a spike may be able to punch through it, however if it goes through plate it will also go through chainmail or lamellar. Although plate armor does increase weight and restrict movement slightly, it actually does not weigh any more than mail or earlier forms of plate and actually restricts movement less. Historically, knights that were incapable of mounting a horse from the rear in one bound while in harness (full armor) were mocked by their peers. It was the armor of the Knight, Hernán Cortés.and Joan of Arc.

Stats (Joan of Arc)Edit

  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Articulated Steel Plates
  • Steel Armet Helmet

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