300px-PMN anti-personnel mine
800px-PMN AP-mine

PMN-1 type mines found in Iraq (2003)

The PMN Mine, sometimes referred to as the Black Widow, is a Russian-made anti-personnel device, and one of the most widely used landmines in the world. It was the Explosive Weapon of the Taliban.


The PMN Mine is a palm-size cylindrical mine, usually brown or leaf green in color. The PMN contains 240 grams of TNT, compared to the 50 grams of explosives found in typical mines.


  • First Used: 1973
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Main charge weight: Metal case, TNT, fuses
  • Fuze: MD-9 (stab-sensitive)
  • Operating pressure: 5.8 kg


The PMN is armed by pulling out the pin, which arms the mine after a delay of approximately 60 seconds. At this point, the only thing preventing detonation is a weak creep spring that holds up the pressure plate. It takes roughly 5.8 kg (12.76 lbs) on the pressure plate to detonate the mine.

Because of the unusually high amount of explosives the PMN contains, it is designed to destroy the entire leg of the victim, often resulting in amputations above the knee. It is not intended to kill its target, although the victim may die from blood loss, nor was it meant to inflict casualties to other enemies in the vicinity.

Barrier Mines are a series of landmines grouped together (either nailed to a long piece of wood or connected by the same cord) that can be pulled out as a larger single mine.


Today, the nations with the most landmines are areas that many of the show's warriors have fought. Somalia with Somali Pirates and terrorism, Afghanistan and Pakistan with Taliban and their allies, Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge, Vietnam from the Viet Cong, and Iraq, Iran and Kuwait from Saddam Hussein and his wars against Iran, Kuwait and the USA. The North Korean Special Operations Force has also been seen using a variant of landmine.

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