The Naginata is a bladed staff weapon from medieval Japan, 7 feet of carving power tipped by a razor-sharp blade. It was the Medium-Range weapon of the Samurai.


The Naginata was seven feet in length, with a long sword-like blade and a circular guard on the end of a wooden shaft.

In HistoryEdit

While the Naginata was used in Japan, it was mainly used by monks (Sõhei) and other martial art practicing groups. It was not largely used by the Samurai themselves, but it is said that it was used by the wives of Samurai to protect themselves while their husbands were away. In reality, a Samurai would use a long Spear called a Yari. While not as effective as the Naginata in terms of slashing power, it was more effective in thrusting.

The Onna-bugeisha, essentially female Samurai, used the naginata as their signature weapon.

Test in ShowEdit

The naginata proved itself as a quick ranged weapon by slicing a dummy with several quick cuts, taking off part of the skull and exposing the brain in one, slashing through the face and jaw and slicing off part of the jawbone in the second, and breaking through the rib and stabbing the heart on the last. While the naginata showed good speed and versatility, it was noted that it lacked killing potential compared to heavier weapons like the viking longsword and did not get the edge over the viking's longsword.

In the Back for Blood Special, it failed to cut through a Spartans bronze breastplate.

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