The Molotov cocktail is a simple, improvised incendiary weapon. It was the Explosive weapon of the Mafia.


The Molotov is a glass jar or bottle filled with a flammable liquid, usually gasoline. A rag held in place by a stopper acts as a wick.


  • 1 foot
  • 2 lbs
  • Glass and combustibles


The rag is lit and the Molotov cocktail is thrown, where the bottle shatters on impact, igniting the gas inside. Due to its simplicity, both in construction and use, the Molotov cocktail is often used by criminals, terrorists, and rioters. It is possibly one of the most mass produced weapons in modern history because of its low cost, and has seen action in almost every modern war.

Historically, similar weapons have been used as early bombs in ancient times.


The name Molotov Cocktail was used as an insult to the Soviet politician Vyacheslav Molotov in the early 1940s. So the name of this weapon is actually younger than the weapon itself, similar to the Claymore sword.

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