Composite bow

A Modern day Hunnic composite bow recreation

The Hunnic Composite Bow was a recurve bow used by the Hunnic Empire, annihilation by archery. It was the long-range weapon of Attila the Hun.


The composite bow was made from several materials as opposed to a single piece of wood. When strung, the ends of the bow curve away from the archer. The bow typically has horn on the belly (the side of the bow facing the archer) and sinew on the back (the side of the bow facing the target).


  • 4 feet
  • Wood & Bone Bow
  • Iron-Tipped Arrows


The main advantage of the composite bow is that it delivers greater power for the same length as a simple bow, so a shorter composite bow has the same power as a much longer simple bow. The smaller size makes it ideal for use at horseback, an important part of Hunnic warfare. 

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